Alex P. Keaton Is My Friend- Season 2, Episode 2- The Homecoming

In this very special episode, Phil talks with Matthew Vecchio about Season 2, Episode 2 of Family Ties. They discuss school dances, canned music, weird kitchens, boola boola, fanny packs, Princeton, 102 Dalmatians, Latvian pig farmers, and more.

Alex P. Keaton Is My Friend Season 2 Episode 1- Tender is the Knight- LIVE from Comic Con Palm Springs (West Coast) Crossover with Talk 30 Rock to Me

In this very special LIVE crossover episode, Phil is joined by Kelsey Laine and Kimmie Lucas from the Talk 30 Rock to Me podcast.  They talk about season 2, episode 1 of Family Ties, as well as season 5, episode 4 of 30 Rock, all in front of a real live audience at Comic Con Palm Springs!  They discuss fashion blindness, Tom Hanks, My Dinner With Andre, slideshows, fake breaking, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Dr. Spaceman, and more.